My name is Yildiz Taylan, Artist Name: Jil Taylan.

I am 48 years old and grown up in Germany/Stuttgart and I am living since 2 years in Landsmeer. 

In 2017 I started to work for an IT company in Amsterdam. I went to school & university (Business Administration) in Stuttgart and worked a few years for different companies in Germany. 

Well, at the Age of nearly 30, I visited an exhibition in Berlin and felt in love with the Aboriginal Dot painting Art. I started to paint in 1998 my own dot paintings. During the years, I had the chance also to give some small exhibitions in Stuttgart and sold a few of my paintings but I did not do this for living.

End of last year (Sep. 2018) I started again to paint and this made me happy. During this time, I was very creative and was producing 50 paintings until end of January 2019. I got the inspiration from Landsmeer, Het Twiske and Zandvoort aan Zee.

You can find my work at